Our Background

Founded in 2012, Summit has grown into a premiere recruiting agency by maintaining the same, simple mission.

As with any new company, there were plenty of late-night brainstorming sessions, plenty of false starts, plenty of missteps. But from the beginning, there was an understanding that Summit needed to be different than the typical, faceless headhunter.

After spending over twenty years as a senior-level leader in business-to-business sales, Summit's President and Founder, Ken Eslick, saw that there was a niche to fill in the recruiting world. "I had hired countless recruiters throughout my career and always felt dissatisfied," Ken explained. "No one ever took the time to really understand what I was looking for, to talk with me by phone and truly understand my needs. It seemed like the recruiters I worked with just threw as much at me as possible and hoped something would stick, which rarely happened."

It's a timeless philosophy, but one that a surprising few have decided to adopt in the recruiting industry: quality over quantity. Summit was born from the simple idea that recruiters should understand the jobs they are looking to fill, inside and out. By doing so, both the potential candidate and employer will benefit: candidates aren't being contacted about a job that is a poor match for their resume, and employers are interviewing better-qualified, excited candidates who have already been thoroughly vetted by Summit before being sent in for consideration. To learn more about our process, check out What We Do

Once Summit understood what my needs were, they immediately launched a very strategic and targeted search. Within several days, Summit had viable candidates in the interview process and we subsequently hired two “A” players.
— Keith Howerin, General Manager, Cintas Fire Protection

Ken Eslick, Founder and President

After proudly serving in the U.S Army, Ken started and sold a company to a Fortune 500 Corporation (Cintas) and spent fourteen great years there working his way up to senior-level leadership roles in both sales and operations. Ken has a passion for leadership and was able to take his life and career experiences to create Summit Careers and Summit Consulting in 2012. During his career, Ken has trained hundreds of sales executives, sales leaders, and operational leaders from all over the country. Ken is a lifetime honoree in Who’s Who in Business” and has won multiple Outstanding Achievement and Presidents Club awards. Ken is also a Senior Leader with the Anthony Robbins companies traveling the globe helping people maximize their potential both personally and professionally. Ken has competed in several marathons including New York in 2015 and 2016.

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