Our Mission

Quality over quantity.

Our commitment to quality extends to both the companies we represent and the potential candidates we target: we deliver only the best. For candidates, this means representing more than just jobs - representing opportunities. Opportunity for career-advancement, better work/life balance, more financial incentive, and while not every opportunity is always the perfect fit, you'll know that speaking with Summit will never be a waste of your time.

For the companies we represent, we deliver only the most qualified, eager and prepared candidates for consideration. We believe it is far better to interview three stellar candidates from Summit than ten semi-qualified candidates of which one or two end up being considered. We do the leg work for you, eliminating those less-than-ideal candidates by learning your business and thoroughly vetting candidates to meet your needs.


Learning your business.

It starts with a phone call. If you can commit to thirty minutes with us by phone, we can commit to delivering the best possible candidates based on your needs. Before we even start to look, we want to talk with you and learn about the responsibilities of the role, the company culture, the career path and really feel well-versed in both the ideal candidate you are seeking, along with what your company has to offer the candidate both in the immediate and long-term of their career. 


Asking the tough questions.

We don't just find candidates for you, we do the legwork too. After we know the details on your ideal candidate, Summit will put to use our vast network and extensive search technology to find as many potential candidates as possible for the role. Once they get back to us, we run them through an in-depth interview process, including phone and video interviews, to qualify them based on your requirements, as well as ensure they meet Summit's standard of quality before we consider passing their resume along for your review. This way, you know that every person you talk to will undoubtedly be qualified and prepared, ensuring your interview process will run smoothly.