Your perfect candidate is a phone call away.

Spend 30 minutes with Summit by phone and we will learn your business. Connecting with our clients is about more than getting a simple job description: it's about learning what makes you and your company special to a prospective candidate. We want to know about growth potential, company culture, senior leadership and everything else that is important for someone interested in your company to know.


In-Depth Interviewing

Finding candidates is the easy part: qualifying them and getting them interested in making a change is where our team really shines. Before you even see a resume from Summit, our candidates will have been through an introductory phone interview and at least one webcam or face-to-face interview with a second member of our team.

Presenting the Best

We will make sure candidates meet or exceed all of your qualifications and will only present the top candidates for your consideration. This way, when you sit down to interview a candidate, you'll know you're meeting with the best. 

Step-by-Step Scheduling

Coordinating interviews is our responsibility. Where many agencies hand over the reigns at the interview stage and cross their fingers that their candidates do well, we will work with you and the candidates throughout the entirety of the interview process to coordinate next steps and be sure things are running smoothly.  

Career Mentoring

Even after the contract is signed, we like to maintain relationships with our candidates to act as a resource throughout their careers. This is especially important in the first six months when candidates are getting settled into their new roles, however it is a service that we offer each and every candidate throughout the entirety of their career with your company. 


Passive Candidates

We believe that the most highly qualified candidates are typically also happily employed. That's why we only seek "passive" candidates: people who are currently employed and not necessarily in the market for a new job.

Active Databases

Other recruiters use old databases of outdated contacts or job boards where a bunch of stale resumes reside. We prefer our candidates fresh, and considering thatt Summit was the first recruiting agency in the world to be part of LinkedIn's premium packaging for recruiting firms, we can ensure our candidates will be the best in their fields.